I've been a software developer, publishing consultant, conference chair, committee chair, project manager, and product manager. My main skills lie in technical facilitation and encouraging people to get things done, on time, and with reasonable technical solutions that actually meet the needs.

I am currently looking for new opportunities.

Until recently, I was Senior Product Manager at Design Science, with a focus on the MathFlow suite of mathematical editing and rendering tools. I also contributed to other projects where my experience and knowledge are relevant. I carried out all the standard product management functions, leading discussions on requirements, working with sales to get information about customer use cases, assisting technical support, and triaging bug and feature requests. I also represented the company on standards committees, and gave talks at conferences and online webinars.

Before that, I was a Senior Consultant for the Lantana Consulting Group, a US consultancy specialising in healthcare standards, on a contract basis. In this company, all work is done remotely, with employees across Canada and the US. My projects for Lantana included testing electronic quality measures, acting as project facilitator and primary editor for HL7's Quality Reporting Document Architecture - Category III, and working on HL7's Consolidated CDA Release 2, which is still in development. Another project was technical work on the Health Associated Infections Clinical Document Architecture Implementation Guide (HAI CDA IG), where the team created electronic versions of the reporting forms submitted to National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN). For these types of projects, we create the IG or other documentation, as well as the related artifacts such as XML sample files, schematron, etc. When requested, we offered support for the vendors implementing the IG. For other clients, I analysed client requirements and recommended solutions, evaluating various healthcare standards for suitability of purpose. I also acted as Project Manager for smaller projects.

Additionally, I am Course Director for the XML Summer School, chairing the Faculty Board and the Trends and Transients course, chairing and teaching in the Hands-on Web Publishing course, working with Faculty members, and ensuring that the myriad small details associated with a successful event are attended to. I also implement and maintain WordPress web sites for local companies and dabble in other web technologies.

As a Senior Technical Program Manager (focussing on identity management) for Sun Microsystems, I managed a research project team distributed across four countries and nine timezones that was working on a cloud-computing project including hardware, software, identity management and operating system components, with a strong emphasis on consumer-level usability. In addition, I was data guardian and policy designer for Sun's OpenID identity provider, and chaired the Liberty Alliance's Business Marketing Expert Group as well as Sun's internal cross-department identity management group.

Previous consulting clients include IDEAlliance, for whom I chaired the XML conference series from 2001 until 2005, Reach (a department of the Government of Ireland), Thomson Corporation, and Justsystem. I was also an elected member of the W3C Advisory Board. I co-founded Vancouver's blogging conference, Northern Voice, in 2005 and was on the Board of the associated society until 2012, including many years as President.

My technical standards involvement includes chairing the W3C Document Object Model Working Group from its inception until November 2001, just after the DOM Level 2 was approved as a W3C Recommendation, the OASIS Entity Resolution TC, and active membership of many other technical groups in W3C, OASIS, and the IETF.

My full resume (CV) is available, as are references, on request.

My musings about technology and general issues are on my main blog, while my postings about hobbies are on my crafting blog. I also have an irregular Twitter stream.